Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Family

Happy Family are some bros from Baltimore who make some drugged out psych and use art-school vocabulary. Sound like some band you may have heard of? Yeah, kinda. The Wire called this style of music Hypnagogic Pop, as in sound heard between dreams and waking life. I disagree. I feel like this new trend of washed-out lo-fi collage seems more like songs as heard from down the street, or through the wall. True, it comes off as half-heard, half-uttered, but not half-understood. There's something amniotic about these layers of soft tones and chiming melodies. Not like waking up, but like being born. Maybe this is what music sounds like when you put headphones on a pregnant belly.

Their whole Sound Farm EP is available for free. I've been listening to it a lot.

Happy Family - Sound Farm EP


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