Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kurt Vile

Based in Philly, Kurt Vile makes the kind of echoey finger-picked acoustic lo-fi that sounds reminiscent of a cozier version of Califone or his labelmates, Woods. The vocals are tired and strained, but they bounce around the cave of the speakers as if from the next room. With the current trend of lo-fi songs about the summer, it's nice to hear something that turns down the fuzz and ups the reverb. Everything is calm, even if it's not. Like the gentlest of Michael Gira's material. "Beach on the Moon (Recycled Lyrics)" has slowly made itself one of my favorite tracks of the year so far. God Is Saying This to You, is out now on Mexican Summer and he just signed with Matador for his upcoming album in the Fall. Stay tuned.

Kurt Vile - "Beach on the Moon (Recycled Lyrics)"
Kurt Vile - "My Sympathy"


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