Monday, October 11, 2010

Lost Causes

Good NYTimes piece today about how Chris Coons, Christone O'Donnell's opponent in the race for Delaware's vacant Senate seat, is pretty much running as the "look how crazy Christine O'Donnell is" candidate. Not that it takes much work to make her look crazy, of course, but it's still notable. And he gets a lot of help, too, from the section of the American public that cares about political races and has eyeballs.

But I'm interested more in O'Donnell than in her opponent. Really, there's nothing she can do to save herself in the court of public opinion at this point. After her history of denouncing masturbation, lying about which school(s) she went to and then the whole witch thing, if word were to come out that she actually spent a few years saving dolphins and decided to drop out of the race to spend her time fighting AIDS and making rainbows, political junkies would still accuse her of running from the public and being nut-so. She's done for, is what I'm saying. Beyond hope.

The same is true for Myspace. Over the last week or so they rolled out a new logo that, actually, doesn't look all that bad, but because it is Myspace and Myspace is too old and passe, bloggers and people who spend their time on the internet caring about Myspace's logo made a lot of fun of it. Not because it was stupid, at least not anymore, but just because it was stupid once and it now continues to exist. Like O'Donnell or New Coke, once it's done it's done.

Pack it up and shut 'er down.

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