Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Carrots

The Carrots are a band out of Austin. There's certainly a girl-group tradition that they're trying to be a part of (they also do a version of the Ronettes' "The Best Part of Breaking Up"), and the easiest reference point would be the Pipettes. There are certainly some layered female vocals, and the mood is equal parts All Girl Summer Fun Band-style sloppy twee and Phil Specter 4/4 drum beats. The band membership seems pretty nebulous, but there is some relation to the K Records family, and sonically it's clear these guys listened to a fair amount of Sarah records stuff. Despite being around since 2005, I can only find two EPs that they've ever put out, both on Elefant. "Beverly" ambles along in a Pac-NW indie style that's pleasant enough, and "Ladies of Givens" has a snappy shuffle that wishes it were sung by ladies in matching dresses with elbow-length gloves.

The Carrots - "Beverly"
The Carrots - "Ladies of Givens"
The Carrots - "Secret Since '99"


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