Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Why? is putting out a new album coming out this Fall sometime called Eskimo Snow. Cus you know, they got all those different words for it and shit. Anyway, "This Blackest Purse" is the first track to come out from it. It's got all the elements of my favorite Why? songs: a slow, contemplative melody, a moderate crescendo midway through, tired vocals that gain some expression with said crescendo, mentions of mundane problems (to wit: expired driver's licenses, ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend's underwear), and imagery that seems slightly off-kilter ("Should our hero's hands be holding this blackest purse" sounds like it should be poetic, but I don't really get it). That might sound like a criticism, but it's not. I like Why? and this seems like a lot of the material from Alopecia and the other records. So I'm looking forward to it.

Why? - "This Blackest Purse"

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